Wednesday, May 14, 2014

Massachusetts Beer Delivery and Other Memorial Day Weekend BBQ Tips

Barbecues are informal affairs, but don’t neglect to consider sufficient seating arrangements. You want your guests to be seated properly as they enjoy their barbeque and wash it down with their beverage of choice. Thus, you should probably be prepared to utilize all of your own tables and chairs, and perhaps consider renting additional tables and chairs to accommodate everyone if need be. We’re afraid we can’t help you with seating arrangements at Colonial Spirits Delivers, but honestly… the food and drink are what’s most important anyway!

Memorial Day weekend is among the most anticipated of American holidays, not only because of its national significance, but also because it marks the unofficial start to summer and is traditionally a weekend for fun with family and friends. If you’re hosting a Memorial Day weekend barbeque this year, don’t forget the above-mentioned tips to ensure this year’s celebration is a memorable one.

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